The Czech Republic is called the country of crystal and glass (Český křištál). It is with these two words that many foreigners associate the Czech Republic. Czech crystal is highly valued and famous all over the world. Its production goes back several centuries. Bohemia is a historical region of the Czech Republic, in which the production of glassware appeared about four centuries ago. It should be noted that bohemian glass in eshop
Bohemia is a historical region of the Czech Republic, in which the production of glassware appeared about four centuries ago. At first, local glassblowers used Venetian glass, but it was not suitable for carving due to its fragility. As a result, the craftsmen created glass of greater density and stability. This is how Czech crystal was born in the 17th century (Bohemian glass, Czech Bohemian Crystal).
Today it is considered the best in the world, a national treasure of the Czech Republic. Bohemian glass products delight with their transparency, sparkle, color tints, luxurious gold and silver finishes.
The traditions and best technologies of local craftsmen, as well as Venetian and Saxon glassblowers, have made Czech crystal so popular and famous. Professionals use in their work ancient techniques and recipes that have been carefully preserved since the Middle Ages. The best Czech crystal is born from the combination of ancient traditions with modern ideas of famous designers. In the Czech Republic and abroad, the names of such national designers as Zdenek Kunst, Stanislav Mahek and foreign ones: Schwarz, Exnar, Janak are known. The works under their authorship are unique and divinely beautiful, the most real works of art.
Czech crystal products are of high quality, unique design, delightful beauty and magic ringing. Crystal decorated with engraving, carving, precious metals and stones is an especially expensive product, the embodiment of nobility and stature.
In many houses you can find pieces of Czech craftsmen. These are all kinds of vases, candy bowls, decanters, wine glasses, glasses, chandeliers, figurines, souvenirs, etc. They decorate any interior, are present at festive celebrations, and become worthy gifts.
The crystal brought to the Czech Republic is a unique and expensive gift, a sign of good taste. In the Czech Republic, you can easily find specialized shops selling crystal and Bohemian glass. The choice of the buyer is traditional products of factory production and handicrafts, affordable, as well as more expensive.

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